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Hello my name is Reggie Tyler. My passion has always been in fitness, either playing basketball, training myself or personal training others. One of my favorite hobbies is riding my motorcycles. My biggest pet peeve is when a client says "I can't ", when I know they can. So I am here to help encourage them and prove that "you can".

I started my fitness journey around 2001 after my 7 year old daughter told me I have stomach rolls like mommy and Grandma Nanny. Since then, I have never stopped training harder. One comment from my daughter inspired me to change the way I live and eat. I see Fitness as a daily Essential regardless of age. Catering to youth, professional adults, and senior clients.

I see many people train without the proper form which is sad because Proper Form is Essential to building muscle, preventing injuries, and maximizing metabolic expenditure. When we were young playing out side was our daily exercise and it was fun. When we were young our muscles had more elasticity and flexibility. As we get older we move less becoming sedentary which is not good. Come train with me at Fitness-Essentials and I will show you that all the equipment to sit down at isn't necessary. We train with functional movement patterns that you do in an everyday environment. We all know that working out is the inevitable either its advised by a doctor or a personal goal you set for yourself. We all need exercise and nutritional advice, why not get it from the experts at Fitness-Essential where we make exercise feel like your a kid again.

Come in and play, It will be FUN.

Thanks for reading my bio. I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say "because of you I did not give up."

Embrace the Change
man doing workout
man doing workout
man doing workout


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